'Shocking' Imagery is forming in my studio
foto video perf.jpg

A picture of my video setup.

I’ve always been fascinated by filmmaking. The emotional reaction and storytelling evoked by editing moving pictures… So last year I got the idea in my head to create episodic stories with my video setup, accompanied by music. But as I don’t have the time or skills to shoot footage or animate storyboards my videos have to be generated with my mixers and glitchmachines; and thus can only ever be abstract imagery. This limits the storytelling capabilities of my content but it presents an interesting question: How much of a story can I tell with only music and abstract imagery?

So in search of an answer I explore and discuss these ideas with an audience. Sometimes as a continues video performance which can last a whole night. Or as separate small screenings which each take 15 minutes of your time.

See you soon.

Rien Coorevits
Videoclip: MDC III - Schtatisch

Been quite a summer,

I found the time to work with Mathias De Craene (Nordmann, MDC III) on a videoclip for his new single with MDC III: Schtatisch. With the use of loopstations and effect pedals they’re exploring new possibilities within their sound. As always, MDC III carries you into an epic trip somewhere between Agrabah and the realms of Hades.

For a while now I wanted to break free from the use of computer, after effects and render time in my videowork. Searching for a way to make video production a more direct experience, like playing an instrument or performing. This has led me into the realm of analog video synthesis and the joy of turning knobs and pushing buttons instead of clicks and tabs on a screen.

The video for Schtatisch was made with a Ganz security camera, feedbacking on a simple digital monitor.

Rien Coorevits
Erosion Simulation

For an upcoming project I tried following Amit Patel’s tutorial on erosion simulation. This program was written in Processing and captured as a .tif sequence. You can see how at the end the simulation deviates from reality and - like some kind of world eating bacteria - destroys the whole landmass. BIG FUN!

Rien Coorevits